Our Business


SupraCut Systems International is a Canadian company specializing in the development, sales and distribution of commercial grade restaurant equipment in North America and International.



SupraCut is patent protected and automates the process of prepping lemons and limes + is the only machine to offer Courtesy Slice Technology.  SupraCut saves time, saves money and saves on waste! Manual cutting methods are labor intensive and unsafe. Handheld machines in the marketplace are flawed, labor intensive and only wedge the fruit  The SupraCut is compact, easy to use and up to 6* faster than manual cutting. SupraCut is the only machine to offer Courtesy Slice Technology and costs about $1/day to own or lease.



The Courtesy Slice is currently made by hand [manual cut] and allows the fruit to hang off the side of glassware. This time- consuming process is performed daily by staff and can be dangerous. SupraCut is the only machine to automatically add the Courtesy Slice to each piece of fruit.

1. Select Option   2. Open Door    3. Insert Fruit    4. Close



Target markets for SupraCut include restaurants, lounges, nightclubs, hotels and catering companies.  Other key market opportunities include grocery stores, home purchases and other locations where lemons and limes are used. Our key geographic market is North America with plans to develop distribution agreements in other countries. SupraCut has the potential to sell in to over 1 million venues with some locations requiring multiple SupraCut units.


The SupraCut team will evolve and focus efforts on a variety of sales channels including; Direct B2B (sales force), established equipment distributors and online sales (social media ad campaigns).



In 2015 the founding partners funded and completed the initial prototype with the assistance of DK Engineering. The SupraCut was unveiled in 2015/16 at the Las Vegas Bar and Nightclub Show & the National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago. The response was tremendous and proved the market demand for the SupraCut.

The trade shows also proved the importance to patent protect SupraCut and make modifications before production. In 2017/18 the SupraCut was granted patent protection in Canada and the United States; SupraCut Systems International Inc. will continue the Patent Continuation Process.



DK Engineering is a trusted and reliable engineering and manufacturing firm with a proven track record. Looking towards 2019 we will work closely with DK Engineering to develop the next versions of the SupraCut and set the stage for production. The manufacturing partnership with DK Engineering allows the SupraCut team to focus on sales, marketing and distribution.