What is Courtesy Slice Technology?

The Courtesy Slice is a small cut in the middle of the lemon or lime wedge that allows staff to hang the fruit on the side of the glass. SupraCut patent protected technology is the only machine to offer this solution vs manual cutting. The lemon or lime wedge is typically the first impression your guest experiences prior to ordering. SupraCut improves quality and consistency!

What is Contactless Prep & Storage?

Employees only touch the whole fruit once during the prep process. When you use a disposable prep glove your employees have zero contact with the fruit during the prep process. SupraCut does the required cutting within the enclosed design. Built in prep container (with lid) eliminates employees touching fruit during the entire prep process. 


What are the SupraCut Benefits?

SupraCut drastically improves quality, consistency, hygiene and employee safety. Your main role as a manager, director, owner or buyer is to provide tools to lessen risk and improve employee productivity. Employees are constantly cutting themselves during the daily prep of lemons and limes; most injuries go unreported and the risk for contamination is high. Improve employee safety and customer hygiene by using the SupraCut. The SupraCut will instantly save on labor or allow your managers to reallocate labor to more meaningful tasks and lower waste.

Why No ‘Hopper’ or ‘Feeding’ Mechanism?

This is the most common question asked and the answer is simple. Size Space and Price. Trust us we researched and engineered the possibilities.

The Courtesy Slice option can only be made one way and is a complex engineering process to meet all safety and certifications standards. Mother Nature does not grow fruit the same sizes and shapes. Size, Space and Price all have to be considered and balanced. SupraCut meets the demands of all venues and volumes.


Will I actually save on labor? 

Yes. If you use the SupraCut effectively your location(s) will instantly save on labor or reallocate labor to more meaningful tasks. SupraCut is at 6* faster than manual cutting or handheld devices (no courtesy slice option). Labor savings will vary depending on your volume but the health, safety and consistency are benefits for all locations.

How does the SupraCut lower my waste?

SupraCut allows you to rethink the process of prepping lemons and limes each day. For decades the hospitality industry has prepped fruit prior to opening or during the day. The Courtesy Slice and rising labor &food costs has made this a difficult process to manage daily. SupraCut gives you the opportunity to prep faster, safer and more consistent. Prep less to avoid waste knowing you have an instant and safe solution. Consistent sizing lessens spoilage and fruit to small to use.

When can we expect delivery of the SupraCut?

SupraCut is in the final stages prior to production We expect to be delivering the first units in early 2021 and meet the Covid-19 demand. It is important to pre-order your unit(s) today and ensure delivery in early 2021. 


Why should I Reserve & Pre-order and can I cancel before shipping?

The initial production run will oversell. By reserving and pre-ordering you guarantee deliver in early 2021. There is no deposit required until November, 2020 (50%) and you can cancel anytime prior to final shipping. The pre-order system gives you priority service and delivery from our initial production run.


Will the SupraCut do Oranges or cut other vegetables?

The SupraCut 800 model is designed for wedging lemons, limes and certain size oranges + adding the Courtesy Slice (when selected). SupraCut 800 will not cut other vegetable and you risk damage not covered by warranty


How long will the SupraCut last and what is the warranty?

SupraCut is commercial grade and expected to last multiple years (5+ years) depending on your volume. Initial warranty is 12 months for parts and labor. Warranty coverage: we  simply have your SupraCut picked up, shipped, repaired and reshipped at no cost or we will provide a 3rd party repair company to fix your SupraCut.


Is there any ongoing maintenance? How often do you change do the cutting blades need replacing?

SupraCut is designed to be maintenance free. Depending on your volume you will need to replace the cutting blade ($129) and Courtesy Slice ($49) blade every 9-12 months. Simply wash the removable parts each day.


What is the actual size of the SupraCut?

The compact size is only 24″H x 16″D x 14″W and 65 lbs. Many locations will place behind the bar or service area. Portable when needed vs premanent.


What type of power or plug is needed?

Standard power & 3 prong power plug.


Can the SupraCut keep up to my volume?

SupraCut is designed for low, medium and high volume venues. Regardless of your volume the SupraCut is more hygienic, improves quality, lowers wastes and enhances employee safety. SupraCut can wedge + Courtesy Slice 15 fruit per minute (120+ wedges / min). 

High volume locations needing more than 10,000+ wedges simply use two units in sync together when needed. Portable and compact size vs permanent.